VirusScan Console

This example analysis is used as a framework for analyzing most VirusScan Enterprise protection scenarios using VirusScan Console.

Before you begin

You must have direct or remote access to a VirusScan Enterprise protected system to perform this example analysis.


For option definitions, click Help in the interface.

  1. From the Task list, right-click On-Access Scanner and select Statistics from the list. The On-Access Scan Statistics dialog box appears.
  2. In the Scanning Statistics group, note the number of Detected files that appears. If this is any number other than zero, click Properties to open the On-Access Scan Properties dialog box.
  3. Click the Reports tab and View Log. The OnAccessScanLog.txt file appears in a NotePad window.
  4. From this output you can determine:
    • What malware was used in the attack. For example,
        C:\...\  EICAR test file  
    • How the attack affected the system. For example,
        (Clean failed because the detection isn't cleanable)  
    • What actions were taken on the threat. For example,
  5. Use the information in the previous step to determine if the source, or target systems need their virus protection settings modified, or if you want to take some other action.

VirusScan Console