Installing the EXTRA.DAT file on a client system

You can install the EXTRA.DAT file on a standalone client system after you have downloaded the file from McAfee Labs. For EXTRA.DAT file downloading information, refer to About emergency DATs.

Before you begin

You must have Administrator privileges to update the McAfee Security software.


For option definitions, click Help in the interface.

  1. Once the download is complete, locate the file you just saved, run the executable file, and follow the instructions in the wizard. The executable EXTRA.DAT file performs the following steps:
    • Unloads McAfee memory-resident software or stops services that use your current DAT files.
    • Copies new DAT files to the appropriate program directories.
    • Restarts the software components needed to continue scans with your new DAT files.
  2. When the installer has finished updating your DAT files, you can delete the downloaded file, or keep a copy available for further updates.

Installing the EXTRA.DAT file on a client system