Configuring on-demand scan tasks tabs

VirusScan Enterprise includes a default on-demand scan task. You can use the default task and create new tasks.

Configure the options on each tab. For option definitions, click ? or Help on each tab.

Tab definitions

Tab Definitions
Scan Locations
  • Specify which locations and items to scan.
  • Include running processes.
  • Include subfolders when scanning.
  • Include boot sectors when scanning.
  • Include registry keys and values when scanning.
  • Include cookie files when scanning.
Failure to scan Memory for rootkits and Running processes leaves your system unprotected from numerous malware attacks.
Note: When the On-Demand Scan Progress dialog appears, the locations to scan appear as a comma-separated string following Scanning in. As the scan processes are completed, they are removed from the string.
Scan Items
  • Configure which files and file types to scan.
  • Enable on-demand scanning for unwanted programs.
  • Scan inside archives and decode MIME encoded files.
  • Scan files that have been migrated to storage.
  • Scan for potential threats that resemble unwanted programs, Trojan horses, and macro viruses.
Exclusions Configure which disks, files, and folders to exclude from scanning by Name or Location, by File Type, or by File Age.
  • Configure when to defer scans and for how long.
  • Specify the system utilization percentage.
  • Configure the sensitivity level for Artemis.
For threat detections:
  • Primary action to take when a threat is detected.
  • Secondary action to take on a threat detection if the first action fails.
For unwanted program detections:
  • Primary action to take when an unwanted program is detected.
  • Secondary action to take on an unwanted program detection if the first action fails.

For allowed actions in the prompt dialog box, select the action.

  • Enable activity logging.
  • Specify the log file name and location.
  • Specify the log file size limit.
  • Select the log file format.
  • Specify what to log besides scanning activity.
  • Specify which of the following to log in addition to scanning activity:
    • Enable session settings
    • Enable session summary
    • Enable failure to scan encrypted files
  • Enable alerts when cookies are detected.
Task Specify where the on-demand scan task runs.
Note: This tab is only available via ePolicy Orchestrator.

Configuring on-demand scan tasks tabs