ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0

Enable on-access and email scanners to detect unwanted programs using the ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0 console.

The process used to enable unwanted program detection for on-access and email scanners is essentially the same. The only difference is which policy you select in the policy catalog for step 2. To enable unwanted program detection for:
  • On-access scanning — Select On-Access Scan Policies.
  • Email scanning — Select On-Delivery Email Policies.


For option definitions, click ? in the interface.

  1. Click Systems | Policy Catalog, then from the Product list select VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0. The Category list displays the policy categories for VirusScan Enterprise 8.8.0.
  2. Edit an existing policy or create a new policy: Edit an existing policy
    1. From the Category list, select the policy category.
    2. From the Actions column, click Edit to open the policy configuration page.

    Create a new policy

    1. Click New Policy to open New Policy dialog box.
    2. From the Create a new policy based on this existing policy list, select one of the settings.
    3. Type a new policy name.
    4. Click OK. The new policy appears in the list of existing policies.
  3. From the Settings for list, select Workstation or Server.
  4. From the On-Access Scan Policies or On-Delivery Email Policies page, click the Scan Items tab and select Detect unwanted programs.

ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0