VirusScan Console and how it works

After you understand what VirusScan Enterprise does and its components, you need to understand how to access its features. Use one of these methods to open the VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 Console:
  • From the Start menu, select Programs | McAfee | VirusScan Console.
  • Right-click the VirusScan Enterprise shield icon in the system tray, then select VirusScan Console.

Menu bar

Use the menu items to create tasks, configure properties, and access additional information.
  • Task — Create and configure tasks such as scanning for threats or updating the DAT files.
  • Edit — Copy, paste, delete, or rename the selected task.
  • View — Display the Toolbar and Status bar and refresh the display.
  • Tools — Configure interface options for users, lock or unlock user interface security, configure alerts, access the event viewer, open a remote console if you have administrator rights, import or edit the repository list, and roll back the DAT files.
  • Help — Access online Help topics, the Threat Library on the McAfee Labs website, the Submit a Sample website, and the Technical Support website. You can also repair the product installation and view the About dialog box for copyright information and which versions of the product, license, definition files, scanning engine, extra driver, and patch are installed.
Note: Each item on the menu has an associated shortcut key. On some operating systems, these shortcut keys might not be available unless you use F10 or ALT to access the menus.


Use the icons to access these commonly used commands:
  • Display properties of the selected task.
  • Start the selected task.
  • Stop the selected task.
  • Copy the selected task.
  • Paste the selected task.
  • Delete the selected task.
  • Configure alerting properties.
  • Launch the event viewer.
  • Access the Information Library on the McAfee Labs website.
  • Connect to a remote computer if you have administrator rights.
  • Create a new on-demand scan.

Task list

Displays the default tasks and any new tasks that you create, as well as the status and last result for each task.

Status bar

Displays the status of the current activity.

VirusScan Console and how it works